Project Description

BurCo was contracted to complete a range of roofing services at the Lower Murray Water, Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Koorlong, approximately 15 km from Mildura, Victoria.

Company Overview:
Lower Murray Water (LMW) provides urban water and wastewater services to 14 townships via nine treatment plants to approximately 70,000 customers along the Murray River in Victoria from Kerang to Mildura.

Project Overview:
Our team at BurCo successfully completed the following projects at the facility:

  • Roofing & Cladding at the Services Building
  • Roofing & Cladding at the Augmentation Dewatering Facility
  • Roofing & Cladding at the Augmentation UV Disinfectant System

BurCo completed the Roofing and Cladding for the buildings at the Waste Water Treatment Plant using all our own tools and equipment, including the latest model excavators and machinery which are well maintained and serviced in accordance with their manufacturer’s recommendations.