Project Description

BurCo was contracted by Mildura City Council to complete the installation of over 20 pump sewer systems within the Nichols Point, located approximately 4 km from Mildura, Victoria.

Company Overview:
Mildura Rural City Council is the local government organisation that represents and serves approximately 51,000 people who reside in or own land within Mildura Rural City. Located in North West Victoria, the municipality covers an area of 22,330 square kilometres.

Project Overview:
Our team at BurCo successfully completed the following projects within the Nichols Point region:

  • Installation of Pump Sewer Systems

BurCo arranged and installed over 20 pump sewer systems in the Nichols Point region to connect to thew new sewage system that had been setup. The installation of each pump sewer systems were completed on schedule using all our own tools and equipment, including the latest model excavators and machinery which are well maintained and serviced in accordance with their manufacturer’s recommendations.